Q: What are your business hours?

A: Our business is available 24/7, and you can schedule same-day appointments if you book before 3 p.m.  

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are a mobile testing agency conveniently serving Orange County, Orlando, and surrounding areas call for details.  

Q: How can I contact customer support?

A: For customer support, you can reach us via email at [email protected] or by calling our toll-free number 1-833-392-6662-.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept various payment methods, including credit cards (Zelle, PayPal, Cash app, and bank credit cards.

Q: What is DNA paternity testing?

A: DNA paternity testing is a scientific method used to establish biological relationships between a child and an alleged father by comparing their DNA profiles.


Q: Why should I choose a mobile DNA paternity testing service?

A: Choosing a mobile DNA paternity testing service offers convenience and flexibility, as our experts will come to your desired location to collect the samples, saving you time and effort.



Q: How is DNA collected for paternity testing?

A: DNA for paternity testing is typically collected using a simple and painless cheek swab. The swab collects cells from the inside of the cheek, which contain the necessary DNA for analysis.


Q: What is the accuracy of DNA paternity testing?

A: DNA paternity testing is highly accurate, with results typically showing a probability of paternity greater than 99% when the alleged father is the biological father and a 0% probability if he is not.


Q: Can I schedule a paternity Test while I am pregnant?

A: Yes, DNA paternity testing can be performed during pregnancy. Our mobile DNA paternity testing service offers non-invasive prenatal testing, which poses no risk to the fetus.


Q: How much does the paternity test cost?

A: Our DNA paternity and prenatal testing services range from $220.00 up to $1595.00.

Q: Who is this for?

A: We offer DNA Tests to serve a wide range of individuals seeking accurate and reliable DNA testing services. Customers who are interested in ancestry testing, individuals in need of paternity testing for legal or personal reasons, expectant parents seeking prenatal DNA testing, and individuals looking for insights into their health and wellness through our comprehensive health panels.


Q: What type of test do we offer?

A: Our most popular selection is Prenatal, Court admissible, and Non-legal Paternity. We also offer Immigration referrals, Sibling relationships consulting, and health screening.


Q: What makes DNA TEST PLUS different?

A: Our clients benefit from our counseling services, accurate & and fast turnaround time with certified lab partners, and highly motivated HIPAA-certified professional consultants.

Q: Do I need a doctor’s order or a court order before a test can be done?

A: No. anyone can have a DNA test performed. In New York, however, a prescription from a doctor is required.

Q: How is a DNA sample collected?

A: You have three options for getting the sample taken: a local collector can come to you; you can go to a lab near your home; or a DNA kit can be mailed to you.

This will contain special cheek swabs known as “buccal swabs.” You take the swab and stroke it inside your cheek to collect the sample, just as you may have seen on television.

Afterward, you’ll place the swab in a special envelope included in the kit, which also contains return packaging.

Q: Who can be tested?

A: Anyone can be tested. If you suspect you or a loved one is biologically connected with another person, you should be tested.

Q: How long does it take to receive my results?

A:  Scheduling an appointment is simple. You can reach out to our customer support team through our website or contact our dedicated phone line. We will guide you through the process and help you choose the most suitable testing option for your specific needs. We process the results in 3-5 business days.