Non-Invasive Prenatal Test

FIVE STAR DNA is your trusted source for non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT). Offering a safe, accurate, and painless approach to understanding your baby's health and genetic information, our NIPT services ensure peace of mind during your pregnancy journey.

With just a simple blood draw, we provide insights into potential genetic conditions, all without any risk to you or your baby. Choose our platform for cutting-edge technology paired with compassionate care, guiding expectant parents toward a more informed and confident pregnancy experience.

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Paternity Testing Services


Non-Legal Paternity Testing

 If a couple is not married, a baby is born and there are questions about who the father is, the court will probably order a DNA test to determine the facts. This is an important step in establishing child support or custody issues. The test will be administered following all legal rules, so it will be admissible in any court of law across the country.


Family Relationship DNA

Discover the intricate tapestry of your family's genetic connections with our Family Relationship DNA Testing services. Whether you're seeking to establish paternity, find long-lost relatives, or simply explore your ancestry, our advanced testing solutions are here to guide your journey. With accuracy and confidentiality at the forefront, our easy-to-use testing kits facilitate a deeper understanding of your familial bonds.

Entrust us with uncovering the genetic threads that weave your family's unique story, helping you forge stronger connections and build a rich, informed family narrative.